ph_1Jeff Pride was born on Thanksgiving day, the 24th of November, in Little Rock, Arkansas. Jeff's dad, Jeff Sr., is a real estate salesman and his mother, Cheryl, an elementary school teacher.

Growing up in Arkansas, sports were always the first priority. In high school, Jeff was a 3 sport all-state athlete in football, basketball and baseball. He was offered several scholarships, but turned them down to follow his dream of playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks. After back to back losing seasons in Fayetteville, Jeff moved to Orlando, Florida to do an internship at Walt Disney World. This experience would be life changing: seeing entertainment as a real possibility for the first time. Jeff went back to school and joined the theater department where he performed in plays such as Death of a Salesman, True West, The Glass Menagerie, and Barefoot in the Park.

After graduating, Jeff moved to Los Angeles where he immediately started working in commercials. His Michelob "Touch Football" spot was the highest rated commercial from Super Bowl XL. From there he got a supporting role in, Academy Award winning director, Errol Morris' documentary, "Standard Operating Procedure," as well as three horror films: "Spring Break Massacre", "Sigma Die", and "The Levenger Tapes" which he starts filming in June 2010.

Jeff also has two web series coming out, "The Life and Times of Shane Black," and "Actors on Acting," which Jeff hosts and is basically a younger version of the Actors Studio. Jeff's guests include Entourage's Rex Lee, Mad TV and Less Than Perfect's Will Sasso, director of Dreamworks new movie "The Help's" Tate Taylor, TV and Movie star Todd Stashwick, and star of "The Help" Actress Octavia Spencer.